City Council

Council Meetings

Regular City Council Meetings take place on the second Tuesday of each month.  This is where the majority of Council actions take place. Each meeting has time set aside for public input. Public input should follow the guidelines below ; 

  • Comments must be pertinent to City business.

  • Comments must adhere to Data Privacy Rules. 

  • Speaker should not expect action or response from the Council the same evening regarding their concerns. 

  • Comments should be limited to four (4) minutes.

  • Speakers will be recognized only once. 

 Special Meetings are held occasionally when formal Council action is necessary to deal with a pressing issue.  Special meetings must be posted 3 days in advance, including the purpose of the meeting.  Items not posted may not be addressed at a special meeting.   No public comment time is allowed at special meetings.  Special meetings may be scheduled any time. 

Council and Commission meetings are available for viewing on the Council, Commissions & Community Calendar.  Council Packets are available for download on the City Council Packets page. 

Who are My City Council Members?

The Mayor and City Council members hold elected positions and serve the community.  In Plainview, community members holding these positions receive a small stipend, but for all intents and purposes, they serve as community volunteers. 






Term Expires

Mayor - Aaron Luckstein

 290 4th Avenue SE




Council Member:  Don Kuschel

335 6th Street NW


Council Member Holly Reeve

410 6th Street NW


Council Member Ben Jacobs

515 1st Avenue NE


Council Member Lindsay Hammer-Bartley

 355 3rd Street SW




Upcoming Council Meetings

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If you have questions about getting an item on the Council agenda, call the City Hall at 534-2229.  Deadline for the agenda is noon on the Wednesday before the regularly scheduled meeting.