Building Permit FAQs, Forms and Information

Reroof (Residential) $60.00

Reside (Residential) $60.00

Window Replacements (Same size) $60.00 (Just inserts require NO permit)

Hot Water Heater (Standard) $35.00

Furnace/AC Replacement $35.00

Cement Work $25.00

Fence $25.00

Demolition $105.00 (With an additional $100 deposit)

Building Permit Application

Utility Bill Explanation







+ $2.15 per 1000 gallons


After this heading, four sets numbers appear on the bill. The first number is the previous month's water meter reading.  The second number is the current month's water meter reading.  The third number is the difference between those two numbers is the usage for the month, and that is what your bill is based on.  Finally, the fourth number listed is the charge for the amount of water that went through the meter in one month.   

The Base Rate for water service is $14.17.  From there bills are calculated based on usage.  If a household uses 5 units (or 5,000 gallons) of water each month, that household is billed $2.15 for each unit up to 5 units.  *Billing is incremental and the more water used, the more is charged per unit above certain amounts.  You can read more about that structure in our fees schedule here: Fee Schedule

St Chg 

 $ .81

State Charge:  This amount is paid to the State of Minnesota.  






+ $2.68 per 1000 gallons



Just as the water is billed according usage, so is the sewer and it is structured very similarly.  The base rate for residential sewer is $38.46.  For every unit of water that runs through the water meter, $2.65 is charged. The difference is, there is no incremental charge with the sewer rate.   


Util Cap 




Utility Capital Outlay Fee:  This fee was established by the City Council in 2011 to pay for utility capital improvement projects.


Storm Pond


This fee is collected to aid in the cost of cleaning out the storm water ponds in various areas of the city that catch rain run off.  






The compost fee is collected to aid in the brush pile maintenance.  This includes the pushing back of brush and compost, hauling the compost, and hiring chipping services to come in and chip all the brush that accumulates over time.  

MN State Drinking Water Fee


This fee is listed as "St.Chg" on the water bills.  The State collects this fee.



This fee helps cover the costs of sidewalk repair within the City.  

Rec Res 


Disconnection/Reconnection Residential:  If a customer's water is shut off due to delinquency, or as a voluntarily request, there is a fee to turn the water on or off.  That fee will appear in this line.

Wtr Pnlty 

 10% of Water charges

Water Penalty:  If a utility bill is paid late, after the due date, a penalty is automatically calculated, and shows up here.  

Swr Pnlty

 10% of Sewer charges 

Sewer Penalty:  If a utility bill is paid late, after the due date, a penalty is automatically calculated, and shows up here.



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